Marina Phillips – 64years of age. Blessed with a son Marcus and 2 adopted 2 brothers Jermaine and Curtis.

Grandma to 3 teenage children.  I was born visually impaired which made school life very difficult as my parents
did not want me to go to a special school. I loved school but just didn’t learn much and left without any qualifications. 

My first job was in an office as a junior clerk, the office manager was disabled she was a great inspiration to me. I used to volunteer in the local children’s home after work and on weekend one day they sent me a letter asking if I would like a job. I lived there too.

As a single parent I fosters many children then as a result of adopting the boys I gave up work to be home with them. At 50 I returned to work at the local wacky warehouse a children’s play centre doing parties and play groups for 6 yrs. After then I was made redundant,  I looked for work with the local job centre for a year everything was 0 hrs or you needed to drive so I asked for my pension early  which I used the lump sum to pay some of my mortgage then paid the rest off by monthly payment. When I was informed that the state pension age was being moved to 66yrs and I wanted to enjoy my retirement not watch the pennies, I wanted to bless my family and my church friends, I decided to look at what I had to offer, what I could do what I enjoyed doing what talents and gifts did God give me so I had an empty home two spare bedrooms I love other people’s teenagers so I do supportive lodgings for social services  for the past 3 years.

I love dogs mine passed away, so I started dog walking and boarding I have 14 dogs giving lots of exercise.

I love cats, I have 5 cats I feed when their owners are away. I have 2 boys I pick up from school and have them in the holidays. I love caring for people – I have 2 clients that I see once or twice a week and I visit them in hospital all these jobs help me to help others and enjoy my retirement.

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