Ken Okoroafor is the founder of The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy – Platforms with the mission to help others achieve Financial Independence and Money Joy in their lives. He is a Chartered Accountant (ACA, ICAEW) with over 12 years of experience in the investment business. He holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge and has served as an Executive (Chief Financial Officer) in the City for years.

He writes about Money, Life and Personal Development from his experiences as a family man and First-Generation Immigrant. His writing and life journey have been featured on the BBC, Channel 5, Metro, Mail Online, etc. In his spare time, he enjoys walking, street photography and travelling with his wife and two sons. They have fortunately explored over 50 global destinations and counting.

Mary Okoroafor is the co-founder of The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy – Platforms with the mission to help others achieve Financial Independence and Money Joy in their lives. Day to day, she runs the
operations of The Humble Penny as a creative – doing everything from marketing to video editing. She studied Multi-media design and technology at Uni. Mary has a passion for empowering young women and helping
others live a purpose driven life. When she’s not creating content, she loves vegan food, traveling, working out and doing some outdoor fun things with her husband and kids.

Ken and Mary achieved Financial Independence within 10 years in their mid 30s. They did it through a mixture of property investing, stock market investing and creating cashflow generating businesses. They are mortgage
free and spend their time creating content (on The Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy) to helps others achieve Financial Freedom. They are believers and have 2 sons – Joshua (6) and Elias (4).


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