Reviews and Feedback

 Wow, what a conference!!!!!!.  I was left speechless and completely dumb struck about the awesomeness power of God. I experienced heaven on earth. Thank you Jesus.

 After months of praying, and planning, 13th to 15th of August 2010 finally arrived.  It all came together, the speakers were brilliant, it was obvious they downloaded what the Lord gave them, there was no showmanship and they helped to keep the days moving nicely.

 The musicians ministered beautifully and in harmony, many of the church workers wore different hats functioning in more than one role. Friends, families and ministry partners joined hands in helping us to see to the success of the program. From the beginning to the end we experienced the tangible presence of the Lord. We were blessed beyond measure.

 I was amazed how people travelled from far and near despite their busy schedules. I had received apologies from people who couldn’t make it through out the week leaving me wondering who then is going to come yet I had peace that God will bring those whom He has destined to be there.  He did, we had full house on Friday, to God be the glory. I felt like a spoilt child, being showered with so much love. The speakers stayed for the 2 days and attended all sessions even when they were not ministering and Pastor Dunni further stayed on till Sundays as well to support us, we thank God for their lives. I pray the seeds they have sown will germinate and bring forth fruit. Ps 133:1 (Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity …….  there He commanded His blessing) was manifested during the three days.

 In the next few days, I will post comments and reviews from others here so watch the space.

 Toyin Jama